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Marie Stuart Dress

Marie Stuart Dress

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Corset dress with a pearl-embellished top and a tulle skirt with pearl-embellished shorts underneath.


This dress is inspired by the Queen of Scots, Mary Stuart, reflecting both grandeur and provocation.

In the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, there is a street named after Marie Stuart, which was once known as rue Tire-Boudin. When Mary, having married King François II of France and become a fresh consort queen, eagerly inquired about the meaning of the street name in her language studies, it led to an awkward silence among her entourage. The reason was that "Tire" means to pull, and "Boudin" refers to something vulgar, alluding to the oldest profession practiced on that street at the time. More than 200 years after the queen's death, inspired by the legend, the street was renamed with a much more dignified "Rue Marie Stuart."


100% Polyester

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