Liina Stein

Born in 1985, Liina Stein hails from Estonia and has found her creative haven in the heart of Paris. A visionary fashion designer, her artistry transcends boundaries. With a penchant for the extraordinary, her style embodies audacity and thought-provocation. Vivid hues dance harmoniously, distinctive silhouettes make bold statements, and her artful fusion of materials creates a canvas of uniqueness and femininity.

Liina Stein's journey began in 2010 with the establishment of her eponymous brand. After honing her craft for a few years within her atelier, she took a significant step by opening her inaugural boutique in Tallinn in 2013. The year 2017 witnessed a pivotal transformation as Liina Stein relocated her Tallinn boutique to the prestigious and picturesque Old Town while simultaneously establishing an atelier at the heart of Paris.

In 2017, a crucial chapter unfolded in the brand's evolution as Liina Stein unveiled her resplendent LOVE collection during Paris Fashion Week. This collection, a captivating fusion of sensual and playful leather straps with dresses, bodysuits, and jumpsuits, swiftly became a signature hallmark within Liina Stein's repertoire. Today, these elements grace collections not only in Tallinn and Paris but also on the dynamic streets of New York, epitomizing the essence of Liina Stein's artistic narrative.

Liina Stein embodies fearless innovation in the realm of fashion. A graduate of the University of Applied Sciences in Tallinn, she refined her skills through an internship with fashion designer Louis De Gama in London. Her journey, spanning from her Estonian origins to the bustling boulevards of Paris, radiates the spirit of a creative trailblazer. She continues to redefine boundaries, weaving together a tapestry that celebrates the harmonious interplay of boldness and femininity.