Maiu and Toomas: Weaving Love into Villa Ammende's History

In the heart of Estonia's summer capital Pärnu lies the captivating Villa Ammende, a haven of beauty and history. This splendid villa, constructed by the Balto-Germanic magnate merchant Hermann Leopold Ammende 115 years ago, was originally intended as a sanctuary for the cherished wedding celebrations of his beloved daughter, Ellen.

Over a century later, Villa Ammende stands as a testament to its storied past, transformed into a masterpiece of art nouveau architecture. Its rich legacy now houses Pärnu's most esteemed restaurant and serves as a beloved wedding destination throughout Estonia. Within these walls, Maiu embarked on her journey of love, weaving her own story into the rich tapestry of Villa Ammende's history.

A Symphony of Elegance: Maiu's Tailor-Made Wedding Gown

Maiu's wedding gown was more than just a dress; it was an ode to elegance crafted with meticulous precision. Tailored to perfection, it drew inspiration from the ethereal Siren Gown in our collection, transforming into a creation that mirrored Maiu's unique character.

Custom-made with all of Maiu's dreams in mind, this sheath silhouette gown featured a trailing train that exuded an aura of sophisticated charm. The gown's natural white hue formed a canvas of purity, resonating with timeless beauty while infusing a contemporary twist.

Delicate lace, adorned with pearls, formed an intricate tapestry that graced both bodice and train, elevating it into a masterful creation.

Attention to the Detail

In the world of exquisite wedding gowns, every bead holds significance. Ensuring that everything looks perfect, we make several fittings throughout the dress-making process.

The art of crafting more intricate wedding gowns demands time and devotion. From the initial design to the final stitch, the journey can span several months. This dedication to perfection is a testament to our belief that the most sophisticated gowns are worth every moment spent, resulting in a dress that encapsulates both your dreams and our unwavering pursuit of excellence.

As you can see in the picture, sometimes we get a little help checking that everything turned out perfectly.

Walking down the aisle towards a new journey together

As Maiu and Toomas walked down the aisle, the sheath silhouette gown flowed gracefully. Maiu held the train and bouquet of pristine white flowers in her hand. With each step, the gown's silhouette embraced Maiu's form, the train cascaded softly beside her, lending an air of enchantment to their journey.

In her hand, the bouquet of white flowers added a touch of purity to her ensemble, its symbolism mirroring the love and devotion that filled the air. As Maiu advanced alongside Toomas, their presence exuded an understated charm, a fusion of elegance and poise that defined the essence of the day.

This singular moment captured the culmination of dreams and promises, where every element harmonized to create an unforgettable image of beauty, love, and the promise of forever.

Elegant V-shaped Back

A particularly enchanting detail was the V-shaped cut the back of the bodice, enhancing Maiu's allure and elegance.

As Maiu and Toomas embark on their journey toward a beautiful future together, our hearts swell with joy and gratitude. Having had the privilege to contribute to the beauty of their wedding day fills us with immense happiness.

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