Collection: Liina Stein ❤ LOVE

  • Nothing is predestined!

    This is the collection to the deepest depths of the soul where anticipation seems to overtake the passionate emotions, unrestricted of fear. The unusual and exciting journey has no beginning or end, no trodden paths or crossroads. Nothing is predestined!

  • Liina Stein LOVE is freedom

    LOVE is temperamental and unpredictable. LOVE Collection bodysuits are seductive and sensual, embellished with intricate bead work and embroidery, making them gorgeous individual pieces but also easily combined with trousers, skirts or jackets.

  • LOVE is delicate and alluring

    Silk dresses that seem to float forever, bodysuits from tactile, high quality lace with the added feature of risqué leather straps for a daring and modern woman. Be bold and playful with LOVE ❤